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Water Drinking Knowledge

How to Choose Commercial Drinking Water Machine

Release time:2019-04-24

    Commercial direct drinking water machine is a kind of direct drinking water equipment which is placed in public area. Compared with ordinary drinking water machine, it is widely used in schools, hospitals, stations, airports and other public places. Because commercial drinking water machine has great advantages over ordinary boiling water stove, it is very popular. It belongs to energy-saving and environmental protection products. Energy-saving and electricity-saving are as high as 80%. So how about commercial drinking water machine? Choose. Let's take a look at it.

    In the chapter of water dispenser classification, we elaborate that the water dispenser can be divided into three types: warm, ice-hot and ice-hot, while the cold part of ice-hot and ice-hot water dispenser can be divided into two types: semiconductor refrigerated water dispenser and compressor refrigerated water dispenser.

    Warm and hot water dispensers are the cheapest, but now few people choose them. They usually choose ice-hot and ice-hot products. It is enough for families to choose semi-conductor refrigerated ice-hot and ice-hot water dispensers. Compressor refrigerated water dispensers are needed for large demand occasions such as group companies, institutions, conference rooms, office buildings, bars, karaoke halls and so on. Because compressor refrigeration is much faster than semiconductor refrigeration, ice water supply is more than the latter. And from the noise point of view, compressor refrigerated water dispenser is not suitable for households that need more quiet use.

    In terms of price performance, the cost of condenser refrigeration water dispenser is much higher than that of semiconductor refrigeration water dispenser. Therefore, the price of condenser refrigeration water dispenser is generally 2-3 times of that of semiconductor refrigeration water dispenser. Therefore, semiconductor refrigeration ice-hot and ice-warm water dispenser is more suitable for personal and family use in terms of price.

    With the same function, we can also see two types of water dispensers, desktop and vertical. If the family space is not large enough, desktop water dispensers may be more suitable for you to choose. Vertical water dispensers need to occupy more room space. It also needs to be pointed out that desktop water dispensers are more likely to produce noise because they are placed on the desktop and desktop, so desktop water dispensers refrigerated by compressors are more likely to produce noise.

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