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Product Usage Consideration

Office water dispenser

Release time:2019-04-24

    Current public drinking water is basically filled in barrels. Units are equipped with water dispensers. Logistics departments contact water stations for door-to-door service. There are several problems in this way:

    1. The secondary pollution of barreled water is serious and its safety is low, which threatens the health of drinking water.

    2. Changing water and supplying water consumes manpower and energy, which affects the work efficiency of office and staff.

    3. Barreled water seems cheap in the short term, but the cumulative cost is high. Installation of direct drinking water equipment in office buildings is safe, convenient and ready-made. It not only guarantees the health of employees'drinking water, but also is economical and affordable, and benefits a long-term investment!

    Core value

    1. Hygiene: better than national drinking water hygiene standards, healthy, environmental protection, safe and reliable;

    2. Freshness: automatic circulation, automatic monitoring of water quality, eliminating secondary pollution, water purification is always new;

    3. Health: Multi-purification process, separation of all bacteria and harmful substances in water, ensure the quality of drinking water;

    4. Safety: completely avoiding pollution of water sources and water pipelines and affecting the quality of drinking water;

    5. Economy: Compared with bottled or barreled drinking water, its production cost and market price are greatly reduced.

    6. Rest assured: According to the water quality testing situation, promptly remind the office to replace filter consumables, can be used at ease.


    Public Direct Drinking Water Design Scheme 1: Solution of Centralized and Separate Quality Water Supply System

    Location: Select a room of about 20 square meters in the office building to be rebuilt according to the technical standard of direct drinking water to meet the normal operation of water production equipment.

    Pipeline network: Direct drinking water equipment is combined with food-grade sanitary pipeline. Water supply mode is upper supply and lower supply and upper return. Pipeline network is designed to achieve the same journey and cycle to ensure water quality safety.

    Terminal: Each office can use warm and hot water dispenser, both warm and boiled water, some areas have special needs can also choose ice and hot terminal with ice water function.

    Design Scheme of Direct Drinking Water for Office Building II: Commercial Direct Drinking Machine

    1. Revamping cost is relatively small. The model and quantity are selected according to the water consumption. The combination is flexible and can be connected with the existing drinking water machine.

    2. The installation is flexible and easy to use.

    3. The use of office floors does not affect each other and is independent.

    After-sale service

    1. Responsible for the overall engineering design of the office building direct drinking water system, according to the specific structure of the office unit, arrange the installation of direct drinking machine without affecting the use and aesthetic conditions as far as possible;

    2. Be responsible for the installation of direct drinking water equipment in office buildings to ensure the quality of installation, fast and efficient;

    3. Responsible for the commissioning of the installed direct drinking machine in the office building;

    4. The after-sales service center will open a 24-hour service hotline to provide on-site maintenance services in a timely manner.

    5. Free door-to-door maintenance, if the machine fails, take back to the after-sales service center for inspection.

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