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Which is the best direct drinking water rental facility in the office?

Release time:2019-04-24

    Rental drinking water machine 12 yuan per day unlimited drinking.

    Whether you are 50 people, 100 people, 150 people, 200 people, it only costs 12 yuan per day.

    Whether you are an office, a shopping mall, a 4S store or a mobile business hall, there is no limit to the number of people, no limit to water consumption, as long as 12 yuan a day.

    Boiled water, direct drinking water and warm boiled water are available.

    Advanced stainless steel rental drinking water machine, high-grade appearance, good image, beautiful and durable.

    The internal pipeline adopts 304 food grade stainless steel, eliminating rust, copper green and other pollution.

    Patented stepping heating technology can save more than 50% energy. Drinking warm boiled water can save more than 80% energy.

    The United States imports RO purified water filtration system, into tap water, out of purified water!

    I. Advantages of leasing water dispensers:

    1. According to different models, each machine can be used for 50-300 people.

    2. To ensure health, use terminal water purification (drinking water machine itself is equipped with filtering equipment).

    3. Saving energy and electricity, saving 50-80% of the actual electricity.

    4. Fresh filtration, 100% boiled water, water does not boil water.

    5. Professional pre-sales and after-sales team is appointed for inspection and maintenance.

    Benefits of Century Fengyuan Step-by-Step Leasing Drinking Machine:

    1. Every drop is filtered freshly and 100% of it meets the standard of direct drinking water.

    2. Improve hardware facilities, improve quality, and recognize satisfaction.

    3. Considerate pre-sale and after-sale service, easy to manage.

    4. Energy-saving and environmental protection, solid and durable, reduce expenditure.