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Representatives of Expressway Service Areas in 28 Provinces and Municipalities Come to Visit

Release time:2019-04-24

    On April 11, nearly 130 delegates from 28 provinces and municipalities in China visited Shunde Service Area and Lelu Service Area under the jurisdiction of the Pearl River Delta Branch of Tongyi Company. They had a detailed understanding of the shared direct drinking water in the service area installed by our company.


    Accompanied by the staff of Tongyi Company and Pearl River Delta Branch, the delegation visited the infrastructure such as boiled water room in the service area on the spot. It recognized and highly praised the water dispenser with perfect functions and outstanding features in Fengyuan in the 21st century.

    With the development of the times, people's demand for life is constantly increasing, and at the same time, the pursuit of drinking water machine is also increasing. The century Fengyuan supplies quality to meet the requirements of "quantity and quality".

    This coincides with the idea of the delegation, and jointly plans a warm and intelligent blueprint for the highway.From then on Fengyuan set up a "home" in Guangdong translation service area to serve hot water for the dust-ridden passers-by.

    New mode: Wechat scanned water intake, using the Internet of Things technology, making water intake and consumption more convenient, affordable and healthy.

    In addition to the way that we can get water through Wi-mail scanner, there are also Internet of Things card plug-in card and intelligent induction cup for different needs of Fengyuan in the 21st century, so as to realize diversified ways of getting water.

    There are three modes in one machine to meet the different needs of groups and share real intelligent water intake.

    Take water cups with you, drink as you like, and drink freeway all the way. Century Fengyuan shares not only healthy drinking water, but also a healthy lifestyle.