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Canature Environmental Products Co., Ltd. acquires part of Guangdong Spring Water Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

Release time:2019-06-15

    On May 30, Canature Environmental Products Co., Ltd.announced that it had acquired a 51% controlling stake in Guangdong Spring Water  Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


    The acquisition will further broaden the business layout of Canature, further expand the scale, and further enhance the market competitiveness, which will also bring more development space for both parties. Spring Water will gain wider support from Canature, and will open a new chapter from market expansion, corporate governance to strategic development planning.

    After the completion of the acquisition, Canature will work with Spring Water to provide campus drinking water as the entry point, and provide the target consumers with the health of the whole life cycle of pure drinking water and domestic water required by “school-work-home-business”. The water solution realizes a beautiful vision of “Healthy Water,Anytime,Anywhere”. At the same time, Spring Water will also enable consumers to have more channels to understand Canature, obtain tailor-made water solutions, and continue to fulfill the corporate mission of “let everyone drink healthy water”.


    Spring Water founded in 2007, and it’s the top three public drinking water integrated solution provider in China. We have the rich experience, and developed with 66 fully independent intellectual property rights and patents, more than 500 national distributors, product standard setting, design development, manufacturing. , marketing, customer service as one of the integrated modern enterprise.

    At present, Spring Water supports multi-scenario and multi-business mode. After obtaining a number of national certifications and high-tech enterprise certification, it become a professional production of all-intelligent warm drinking water equipment, step-type water heaters and intelligent outdoor drinking water. Water treatment integrated solutions and service providers for the series of public drinking water equipment products.