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Which kind of water dispenser is better for factories?

Release time:2019-04-24

    With the serious water pollution, there are more and more incidents of barreled water problem. The company gradually began to look for a new way of drinking water to its own employees, that is, the direct drinking machine.But at present, there are more and more direct drinking machines on the market, which makes people dazzled when choosing direct drinking machines. Which brand of direct drinking machine is better in the end, in order to enable employees to drink safe water, it is very important for the company to choose a good direct drinking machine service provider.

    The literal understanding of nature is the water dispenser used in factories. The most important features of the water dispenser in factories are durability, energy saving, environmental protection and safety.

    Factory drinking water machine is mainly divided into two kinds, one is the ordinary stainless steel machine and the other is energy-saving stainless steel machine.

    General Machine Characteristics

    Ice water, hot water and normal temperature water can be provided.

    Frontal shape, beautiful and generous, the main body and shell are made of stainless steel composite, strong and durable. Compressor refrigeration, refrigeration effect is excellent. No cup nozzle, durable. The inner hot bucket and ice bucket are made of food grade stainless steel. The main body and shell are made of stainless steel and are durable. The hook-pipe tap is designed to fetch water from various containers.

    Characteristics of Energy-saving Drinking Water Machine

    Accessories in contact with drinking water: 100% of them are made of food grade 304 stainless steel, which is processed and assembled, without any harmful heavy metal residues.

    With top/top drinking water equipment R&D team, we independently developed a subversive automatic water level device. Make sure the water tank is at atmospheric pressure at all times.

    Intelligent computer control, never burn; VFD display, the use of proprietary invention patents intelligent computer control system.

    Promotion of stratified heating technology: After water intake, the equipment adopts the method of advancing layer by layer, heating layer by layer and boiling layer by layer. Cold and hot water separation, computer temperature control, completely eliminate "1000 boiling water".

    Efficient energy-saving: using international high-quality fire-proof insulation materials, efficient new generation of patented heat exchange. Under the same conditions, the measured comparative data are as follows: Drinking boiled water saves 39.6% of the electricity compared with ordinary boilers, and drinking warm boiled water saves 83.23% of the electricity compared with ordinary boilers.

    Six-fold safety protection design: The control part adopts 12VDC weak current control. Assemble automatic leakage prevention, dry burning, steam, water shortage, overtemperature protection.

    Key switch type, faucet nozzle made of 304 stainless steel;

    Water quality is pure, odorless, with a heated exhaust solenoid valve. When heated, the odor and trace harmful ions in the water are completely discharged with the steam.

    Safe, safe and reliable, water displaying "drinking" completely stop heating, truly achieve the separation of water and electricity, in the drinking process there will never be an electric shock accident.

    Really do not mix water and 1000 boiling water: clear and clear hints, there are'non-drinking'and'drinking' signal hints.

    Beautiful wiring and easy maintenance: It has porous insulated slot to prevent direct contact between wires and metal boxes, and to prevent the aging of wires and short-circuit leakage; it does not need to tie wires, and only needs to uncover the cover plate of the slot to repair quickly.